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US Magazine, December 3rd, 2007
"The Emmy-winning comic's smart, savvy ribbing comes from observing stars in unguarded moments. May she always have VIP access!" (Straight to Hell: 3.5 out of 4 stars: full article), April 27th, 2007
“Who says the bottom of the Hollywood barrel can't be outrageously wild and downright hilarious? Kathy Griffin returns with an invitation to the best D-List party of the year.“

New York Post, March 24, 2004
Listed under “Best Bets”

“The stand-up comic skewers celebrity culture while dishing dirt on Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Anna Nicole Smith, Little Richard and Sharon Stone.”

Chicago Sun-Times, March 24, 2004
“For once, a show where Kathy Griffin belongs”

“The D-List’ lets Griffin be Griffin. .. You come away from “The D-List” thinking you would want to see more of Griffin, not less.”
--Phil Rosenthal

The Cincinnati Enquirer, March 24, 2004
Listed under “Best bets, what to watch tonight”

The Asbury Park Press, March 24,2004
Listed under “Tops on the Tube: Tonight’s Must-See”

“Here is storytelling at its finest... all of it's hilarious. It’s time to promote Griffin to the A-list.”
--Mike Hughes (Gannett News Service)

South Florida Sun-Sentinel, March 24, 2004
“D-List Diva”

a hilarious comedy special... Some people tell funny stories that go limp because you had to be there. Griffin’s dish makes you wish you were there... [Griffin] add[s] her own embellishments to the story to make the ridiculous sublime.”
--Tom Jicha

Desert News, March 24, 2004
“Griffin is a scream- and this should elevate her to at least the B-List.”
--Scott Pierce

The Star-Ledger, March 24, 2004
“This celebrity snarking act is what she does best; it’s good to see that someone in the TV business finally figured that out.”
--Alan Sepinwall

The Oakland Tribune, March 23, 2004
“Gossip Goddess”

“She’s on the A list when it comes to comics and dishing a little grit about her brushes with celebrities... Griffin’s a good ol’ girl with plenty to say, and we’re right here ready to listen.”
--Susan Young

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 23, 2004
“Griffin has a natural ability to seem more friend than star- even on stage, even on Bravo- which is probably the reason you can find her in television’s most unlikely places... Can’t wait to see what she does next.”
--Melanie McFarland

The Record, March 22, 2004
Listed under “Picks: Shows worth tuning in this week”

“...very funny hour of stand-up... will have you laughing out loud.”
--Virginia Rohan

New York Times, March 21,2004
Listed under “Highlights”

“In ‘Kathy Griffin: The D-List,’ Ms. Griffin pokes fun at celebrity life and culture in Hollywood and at her own place in the pecking order.”

Los Angeles Daily News, March 21, 2004

“In a nutshell: Griffin is like one of us- an interloper who can’t believe she sneaked into Celebrityland is dumbstruck by the self-absorbed buffoonery around her. Her bit about hosting an AMFAR charity event is classic.”
--David Kronke

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 20, 2004
“Griffin is able to laugh at herself and everyone else”

“Listening to her dish on ‘The D-List’ is a... revealing education about the lives of the rich and famous... She talks about her experiences at award shows and backstage at ‘Hollywood Squares,’ hilariously recounting a riff between Little Richard and Triumph the insult Comic Dog.”
--Rob Owen

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