Funny Women

Kathy Griffin is a hilarious, hardworking and provocative woman. I was thrilled (and had trouble not laughing as we talked) to be able to ask her about her work, freedom of speech, women in humor and Hollywood: all about which she is very opinionated! A two time Grammy and Emmy Award winning comedian, Kathy has taped numerous stand-up shows for HBO, and recorded sixteen specials. Originally trained at the Lee Strasberg Institute, and a member of the improv group The Groudlings, she received recognition in television in the late 1990′s for her supporting role in the sitcom Suddenly Susan. Griffin then got her own reality show (2005-2010), Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D List, which became a ratings hit. Kathy is an active supporter of LGBT rights, and has performed for the troops abroad. After being nominated for six years in a row for the Grammy for Best Comedy Album, she finally won in 2014, becoming only the third woman to win the category (the others being Lily Tomlin and Whoopi Goldberg).

LD: Thanks so much for speaking with me, Kathy. So you are on tour, and just did a sold out show at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, is that right?

KG: I did! And I’m doing an 80 city tour, called “Like A Boss.” I had to name the tour, because several people reminded me that when you have toured so much, as I have, people might not understand that in each new city, it’s going to be brand new material. Its something I pride myself on. I go up there and give them two hours of new material in each city.

LD: That’s sounds exhausting!

KG: You gotta come see me, Liza! There’s nothing like the live experience.

LD: I’m going to, I plan on it, Kathy.

KG: Ten years ago, everyone said, touring is going to go away, everyone is going to watch everything on their computers and phones. And they were wrong. No one’s ever going to watch the Super Bowl on the phone and they’re not going to want to watch a stand-up comic on their phone. It’s not a video of a kitten! My shows are unbridled, unfiltered, with nobody looking over my shoulder telling me what I can’t say.

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